Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guest Room Makeover - Sneak Peak

Hello again!  Time sure is flying.  Seems like the weekend was just here and now, we're already in the middle of the week.  I've been super busy getting things in order in the house.  I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but soon I'll be having some guests coming to stay for a week,  so I'm using that as incentive to get a lot of stuff done around here.

Here is a sneak peak of what I had been working on:

For a long time, even before I bought my house, I really wanted a red accent wall.  So a couple of years ago, the guest bedroom got one.  I liked it at first, although if you don't know anything about painting a wall red, there is a trick to it.  A trick that the people who sell the red paint are supposed to clue you in to in case you didn't know it.  Which was not told to me by the folks at the Home Depot when I bought it and made the red wall a pain in the booty to paint.  Let's put it this way - it took 1 1/2 gallons to paint a wall that is approximately 9x13.  And I did complain to Home Depot and got 1 gallon of paint for free.  Or maybe it was discounted.  I don't remember, but I made sure to complain about it to the manager, who it turns out sold me the red paint!  Anyways, I liked the wall at first.
July 2010
But, I got tired of it real quick.  As I've mentioned before, the lighting in the house is bad and the red wall darkened up the room.  Me no likey!  I felt bad to repaint it after all the trouble it took to paint the red.  Well, I got over that soon enough and it was just a matter of picking paint colors.  I narrowed it down and finally made my choice.  I figured this was a great time to get it done since I was going to have guests staying in that room soon.  Here's what I chose.
Bay Mist by Valspar.  I was very, very happy with my color choice!  And I was so excited to get this room brightened up and ready for my guests.  (I'll be giving more details in a future post.)

And then, dun dun dun.  I moved the bed away from the wall so I could paint.  When I moved the bed, that's when I saw them.  2 spots (1 small and 1 big-ish) that were under the bed.
I had long suspected mold since I first started moving stuff in the house (due to a pungent smell in the room), but never really saw anything to push the thought any further.  But, with guests coming, I needed to look into it more.  So, instead of getting some other stuff done, this is what I'll be taking care of.   Fun times.   Not.  Sighhhhhhh.

I also completed another crafty project for the guest bedroom, but won't be able to take some pictures until I rid the room of mold and it get it all in order.   Here is what the project involved.  Curious?  :)

As you can tell, I've got lots of "in-progress" projects going, but nothing finished yet (or at least, not able to take pictures yet), so this is all you get for now - sneak peeks.

Stay tuned and have a great week!

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