Monday, February 13, 2012

Earbud Case

I've had a very busy week and weekend with my nephew's band performance & birthday & homework (whew!) and visiting friends, so I haven't had much time for any projects.  (Although, I moved my stereo from one bookcase to another which was supposed to only take me about 15 minutes and ended up being at least a 2 hour project.  There was drilling, cleaning, and cable hiding that was unexpectedly involved.  Ack!)  Anyhow, I did manage a very quick project last night.

Do you ever find that your MP3 player's or phone's ear buds are really annoying to try to store without getting the cords all tangled up with themselves or other things?  I have tried several ways to store them, but they always seem to get tangled and/or are difficult to get them in and out of whatever I'm keeping them in.  I think I've finally figured out a good way to keep them nice and tidy.

I'll do a quick tutorial, but you can recycle any type of little container (my inspiration actually came from Pinterest using an Altoid tin.  I don't buy Altoids and apparently no one else I know buys them either - trust me, I asked!).  I had accumulated a few of these plastic containers from when I made these Pin Cushion Mason Jars
I emptied out the sewing kit into the jars, so I was left with empty boxes.  I decided that they would perfect for holding my earbuds for both my iPod and iPhone.

Supplies needed:
*Empty containers (just big enough to hold your earbuds)
*Scrapbooking paper of your choice
*Clear adhesive (I used both my Xyron machine and Mod Podge)
*Paper trimmer or scissors

1)  I started by cutting a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the inside bottom of my container.  Since the bottom is the same size as the lid, I just cut 2 pieces at the same time.

2)  Then, I ran the 2 pieces through the Xyron, making sure the adhesive goes on the side you want showing (I put them upside down going through the Xyron).

3)  Next, place the paper on the inside of the bottom and the inside of the lid.  This is why you need clear adhesive - the decorative side of the paper is what will have the adhesive on it and what you want showing.

4)  I searched the internet for different images for headphones, but decided that it would be too time consuming to print it and cut it out and then glue it on the lid!  I remembered that I have a Cricut cartridge called "Indie Art" that has some fun images - one of them being a cassette tape.  I cut this out and simply adhered it to the lid using my small Xyron machine and also Mod Podge.

Using these will make it so much easier to store them in places where other items may be and without everything getting all tangled together.  And I think it will make them easier to find inside a tote bag or purse!

Hopefully, I will have another project for you soon...I really need to get some "non-blog" things done this week, so hopefully I can squeeze in something else this week.

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  1. This is a great idea. I know mine are just thrown in the drawer so I really need to make one of these. I also love the two links you posted. Great ideas, thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

    1. So far it's been nice to have them kept in a little container, but not get tangled up with everything else!


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