Monday, February 20, 2012

Dry Erase Calendar

Finally!  I have gotten a couple of projects done to share.  I had a really busy weekend.  And when I actually thought about it, my whole month has been super busy! 

Today, I'm sharing this cute dry erase calendar I made and it was super easy.  I originally saw the idea on a blog.  Unfortunately, I don't remember which one (it was before I discovered the magic of Pinterest), but I have since seen the general idea all over blogland and Pinterest.  I had no idea that dry erase marker wipes off of picture frame glass so easily!  Here is what I came up with.

Here are the items you will need:
* Picture frame of your choice
* Blank calendar page (if you are crafty, you can jazz up your own)
* Dry erase marker

I happened to have a few extra Ikea frames that I didn't use for my gallery wall and since I got my new refrigerator last month, I figured that my calendar needed to step up to the plate.  I generally use free wall calendars, so they are usually not the prettiest things.

1)  You'll first want to get a blank calendar page so you can fill out the dates and month name on your own.   I'm totally lame at making this kind of stuff on my own (I really need to figure out how to do that!), so I originally was going to print one off of my iCal and then white out all the dates and month name and then scan this as a new fresh copy , but I was lucky enough to download a free printable from a blog.  Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the blog that had it.  :(  If anyone knows, please let me know so I can link to it. 

2)  I liked the matting in the frame, so I was going to just plop it behind the matting, but then it came out like this.

The matting really chopped it off at the top, bottom, and both sides.  So, I just put tape on the bottom of the paper and stuck it to the top of the matting.  (I'll still be able to reuse all of this if I ever decide to use the frame for something else).
Ahhh...this is much better.  As you can see, the printable has a "notes" section that I thought would come in handy.  I also like the color and design in the background.

3)  After I taped the calendar to the matting, I just put the frame all back together.  I also put together the photo hanger that came with the frame.

4)  I happened to have these great Command hooks (I just discovered this brand within the last 6 months and love that they come right off so easily!) and put one onto the fridge.  I knew that the Command hook would be perfect because I didn't want anything to permanently stick onto my brand-spankin-new fridge.

5)  Then, I just hung up the frame.

6)  And attached a dry erase marker with it's holder to the frame - I got them with another dry erase board I have. 

7)  And then filled it out.

I also kept the magnetic holder above it.  This is where I keep pens and notepads for whenever I need to make a list or write something down.   It can also keep dry erase markers when this one dries out.

I already found a couple of things that I would like to change.  The squares on the calendar are a bit too small - I'm thinking to somehow make a new one with bigger squares, but I really like the background color and design.  :(  Also, the dry erase marker was a cheapo one that came with another dry erase board that I have.  It doesn't write as finely as I'd like, making it kind of hard to read - especially since the boxes aren't so big, so I need to buy a new marker.  But other than that, I love the change.  And I love that I was able to get this completed using supplies I already owned. 

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Awesome! I like that you have it on the side. I want to try one of those commands. I want to hang a menu board on my fridge.

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    1. Thank you, Monica! I checked out your blog - so cute! Following...

  3. I need to make one of these PRONTO! Thanks for linking up this week and inspiring me!!


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