Sunday, November 6, 2011

Monogram Letter & Gallery Wall Update

Since I got my gallery wall up and running, I was excited to get my plan in gear to put a monogram letter up there.  Here is a list of the supplies needed to make it:

*Monogram letter (you can find these in various materials, fonts, and sizes at a craft store)
*Jute or yarn - whatever you want to use to wrap it in
*Hot glue gun and glue sticks
*Hanger to hang it with (you can also try gluing a piece of ribbon to it and make a loop to try hanging it - that was going to be other option if I didn't find a picture hanger in my stash).
*Accessories if you want to add a little something to it like the flower I put on my mine.  You can put a bow or felt flowers - pretty much anything. 
I had all of the supplies except the letter, so off to Joann I went and picked this up for $2.99.
1)  See those little black things right in front of it?  They're pictures hangers that I found in my stash (sometimes it's a good thing I keep things "just in case").  They come with teeny tiny screws and I wasn't sure if they would go into the letter (it's made out of a cardboard-type material), but thought I would try it anyways.  I started by screwing the hanger into place.
It actually worked perfectly.  The screw fit pretty tight in there.
2)  I already had some jute on hand, so had planned on wrapping the letter with it.  I started by cutting small strips of it to cover this part of the letter like this.
3)  Once I did that, I started wrapping away.
It wasn't hard to do, just a bit of a pain when it came to the curves of the letter.  I had to wrap and unwrap several times.  Once I got the hang of it, it worked perfectly.
Here it is in action. 
I decided to attach a piece of ribbon from the hanger and hung it on the screw from the ribbon.  I also be-jeweled the screw to pretty it up a bit since it was going to be seen.
I have extra picture frames I can add to my gallery wall, but I decided to stop where I'm at for now.  I'm actually going on a trip very soon, so when I get back, I'll order some pictures to go in the frames.

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  1. Really cute! I think the monogrammed letter really makes the wall!


  2. love the monogrammed letter!! Such a great idea! Might have to add that! :)


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