Monday, October 10, 2011


The weather has been cooler lately (yay!  I have been waiting for the Fall weather) and this week we got some rain, so that means I've been in a very crafty mood.  I have seen tons of wreaths all over the blogs and got inspired to make a few.

Lima bean wreath:
I saw this great lima bean wreath on lil pink pocket's blog.  She used small lima beans, but I opted for the large ones so I could spend less time gluing them.   The supplies I used were:  1) almost 2 full 1 lb bags of the large lima beans,  2) a foam wreath form that I got at Michael's (with my 50% off coupon of course),  3) the letters were also purchased at Michael's on sale,  4) ribbon from the Dollar Tree for $1,  5) spray paint,  6) hot glue sticks,  and 7) hot glue gun.  Some of the supplies I already had on hand, so the wreath probably cost me less than $10 to make.

I started in the middle and worked my way around and out.  Just keep on gluing.  And gluing.  And gluing.  Once I finished, I spray painted it all with Rustoleum's Gloss White (I already had this on hand).  I liked the color of the beans just fine, but some of the shells had chipped, so I just wanted to give it an all-around even color.  After the paint dried, I tied the ribbon in a bow around it.  I then worked on the letters (sorry, no pictures) - I debated if I should paint them or glue scrapbook paper to them.  In the end,  I opted for the paper - I had a perfect piece of Halloween that had the same color green as the ribbon.
Here is the final product.  I glued the letters together, making sure that they would fit perfectly inside the circle and hung it with jute from the ribbon (I had the jute on hand, so that's what I used).  I had bought a wreath hanger at the Dollar Tree also, but it didn't fit properly on my ugly screen door (I eventually will either paint or replace the screen door and my front door, but for now, they are there in all of their ugliness) because the screen is thinner than a regular door.  So, I just threaded a twist tie through the screen and hung the ribbon from that - the ribbon hides the twist tie very well.

Grapevine wreath:
I found this small wreath at the Dollar Store (I am loving that place these days).  I had seen several different wreaths with yarn wrapped around them (there were several different blogs and different variations of these wreaths, so I don't remember if there was one similar to my wreath or not - sorry).  I particularly liked these felt flowers on this wreath by Home Stories A 2 Z, which included a video tutorial on how to make them.  The supplies I used were: 1) yarn in 2 different colors, 2) 3 different colors of felt pieces, 3) hot glue sticks, 4) hot glue gun, 5) ribbon.  All I did was wrap 2 different colors of yarn in blocks around part of the wreath.  I then followed the tutorial to make 3 different colors of felt flowers and hot glued the flowers on the yarn.

You can see how small the wreath is since it's hanging from one of the doorknobs in the house.  I like that it's small enough to hang inside the house since I've gone all wreath crazy and only have one front door to hang them on.

I also started a cork wreath, which is coming out very well - I'll share it when I'm finished.  So, it was a wreath-a-palooza weekend for me and I quite enjoyed making these.

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