Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wreathapalooza Part II

I finished 2 cork wreaths a couple of weeks ago, so I have a little tutorial for you.
Supplies needed:
* Wreath form
* Lots of wine corks
* Hot glue sticks
* Glue gun

I found this 13 inch wreath form at the Dollar Tree - they had about 3 different sizes of these and I got the medium size one.  My brother-in-law is a winemaker and years ago, he gave me 2 huge bags of unused corks.  I think I gave one of the bags to a friend and have only gotten through about 1/3 of the other bag (even after making this wreath, it made only a small dent in the bag).

1)   See how the twigs (vines? what is that called?) on here are twisted around?  I just followed the twisty pattern and started gluing away.  The twigs were thin & round and since the corks are round also, it was hard to get them to stick really good.  You can start by gluing one of the corks to the twig, and then gluing the next cork to the previous cork AND the twig.

2)  I made sure to start each row at the same spot, because at the end of each row, there wasn't enough room for one last full size cork, so I left the space empty - I wanted the empty spaces to be all in the same part of the wreath.   I figure that I can either leave the space and cover it with the ribbon that will be used to hang it, or try to cut some of the corks to fit in the space (I have tried cutting corks before and it's a PITA).

Here's what it looks like after I finished gluing.  You can see at the top, the bit of space and it's more obvious on the back.

3)  Since, in the past,  it was such a pain to cut the corks with a knife, I decided to try using my handsaw and miter box and it worked like a charm, so I was able to get those spaces filled in.

4)  Next, I made these felt flowers.  I used the video tutorial on this Home Stories A to Z post.  It was super easy.  I even made a jute flower just by wrapping it the jute in a circular motion (that went on the other cork wreath I made and unfortunately I didn't get a picture before I gifted it).

And here is the final product:
I was very happy with how they came out and was thinking to make one for myself, but they didn't have any more of these larger wreath forms at the Dollar Tree when I checked today.  Either way, I still have tons of corks for another project!


  1. Seriously gorgeous. I love how you followed the lines of the wreath. Pinned it...

  2. Liz - thanks so much and thank you for checking out my blog! I've been kind of shy about putting it out there in the world. :)


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