Sunday, October 16, 2011

Pottery Barn Place Mat Pillows

About 1 1/2 months ago while I was in San Diego visiting the 'rents, we made a special trip to the Pottery Barn since I don't have one close to where I live.   I found some very cute napkins that I thought I could turn into pillows, but ended up finding some place mats that were made with 2 pieces of fabric which would make the process way easier. 
The red place mat was $8.50 and the one with the bird was on sale for $5.89! (that was a nice surprise when I was checking out at the cash register).  Here's how you can turn a place mat into a pillow.  Supplies needed:
* Seam ripper
* Thread that matches the place mat
* Polyfiber fill

1)  I got my handy seam ripper and ripped out the middle part of the seam on the side.  I only took the seam out of the middle part of the side (instead of ripping out the entire seam) so that it would be less for me to stitch back up.

2)  I then took some polyfiber fill that I already had and just stuffed away until I got the firmness I wanted.  (If you have to buy polyfiber fill, it's fairly cheap.  I bought a big bag for about $6 and I've already made 4 pillows with it and still have some leftover).
3)  After I filled it, I just sewed up the opening using a needle and thread.  
These will go on the bench in my hallway once I make the cushion for it (yeah, we'll see how long it takes me to do that).
Pottery Barn pillows can cost up to $59 and their pillow covers up to $29 (each!), so I think this was a great savings.  $9 for one and $6 for the other!

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