Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sconces & Mirrors: A Master Bedroom Mini Update

Last week, I shared my plank headboard that I finally got around to making.  I still have some other projects in mind to make the room complete, but for now I've added a couple of small touches to give it a mini-update.

The round mirrors are by Threshold by Target.  I love the light gray color with the distressed finish -makes them look like metal.  In fact, I originally thought they would be very heavy, but they're lightweight & made from cheapy plastic.  Fortunately, they still have a nice look to them.

As much as I like the mirrors, I'm not 100% sold on the placement above the bed.  My friend gave me the thumbs up, but I'm not sure if maybe they need to be closer together?  Or maybe lowered so they are closer to the headboard?

I originally tried them like this.
But, my friend gave me the thumbs down.  (please excuse the bad cel phone pic, by the way).  

What I am 100% sold on?  The Ikea's Hektar sconces.  I'm seriously in love with them.

The Ikea lamps I was using previously were plugged into the outlet connected with the light switch and I wanted something that I could be able to shut off without getting up from bed.  The downfall with these sconces is that they don't take regular lightbulbs - they use special Ikea ones, which I didn't realize when I bought them (unless someone knows otherwise??).  So, on my next trip to Ikea, I'll have to grab some extras.  The other thing that I didn't care for were the cords, but I was able to hang the sconces close enough to the headboard & tuck them behind the headboard (towards the bottom), so they're not as noticeable & they don't even bother me now.  ;)

I really love that I can read in bed and not have to get up to turn off the light now.  And I've actually been reading a lot more because of this.  Now, if this horrid weather would just cool down, I'd be able to snuggle under the covers!

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  1. I like the additions of the lights. They go great with the headboard.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the lamps take only IKEA bulbs, but in my experience, those bulbs last a really long time. It's a good idea to have a spare, but I bet you'll be surprised how long it'll take you to use it!!

  3. This looks fantastic. Once again you amazed me with your talents.


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