Friday, February 7, 2014

Chair Style Guide: One Kings Lane

I was recently contacted by One Kings Lane to feature my style profile for their Chair Style Guide.  I jumped at the chance because One Kings Lane is pretty awesome!

If you look at the guide, there is a chart and you start by picking your style:  Classic or Modern.  Next, you'll choose which material you prefer.  Then, you'll choose another style among the list, which will then lead you to pictures of chairs.  It's a great way to help you choose a chair if you're on the hunt for one!

It just so happens that last year, I was on the hunt for dining room chairs.  I really wish I would have seen this guide first because that would have saved me lots of time!  Looking at the guide now, I see the exact chair that I was after:  the Marais Chair!  I consider my style to be "rustic industrial" and this fits the bill!  (They are more "industrial" than "rustic", but I'm going to make a rustic-style dining table that these will look great with).

Here's what I ended up getting.

I got 4 chairs to use with the dining table I'm going to make.  They're not the most comfortable chairs, but they're not uncomfortable either.  I figure I can make or buy some cushions if I want to later.  But, I love how they look.  And they will be easy to clean too!  I really need to make that table soon.  It's on my project list for this year.

Have you used the Chair Style Guide?  What kind of chairs do you have/like?

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