Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Adventures in...Idaho?

Hello there - how has your summer been?  Can you believe we're already into July?   Before the 4th of July holiday, I escaped for a long weekend vacation to Idaho.   I never thought I would ever make plans to go there, but my brother lives there now and I love potatoes, so I think those are two good reasons to go!

My friend joined me on the trip and we stayed in Downtown Boise.  This was the view from our hotel. And by the way, it was about 9:30pm when I took this picture!  I had no idea that in some states, it doesn't get dark until late during the height of summer.  Crazy!

Be prepared for pictures galore!  (I'll just give the highlights, though).



(Yes, this deer walked right in front of us on our bike ride!)



Potato bacon pizza at The Pie Hole - really yummy!

Hash browns with biscuits & gravy at Goldy's - one of the best breakfasts I've ever had!
Banana & Nutella crepe at the Farmer's Market - yummm!
Cycle Pub - each customer peddles to make the vehicle move and they get served drinks!
I had the salami pizza at The Flying Pie Pizzeria (we found out later that this place was featured on "Man Vs. Food") - tasty pizza!

Would you like some Ice Cube with your Ice-T?  This cracked me up!

Had drinks while playing old school video games at the Spacebar.

Tasty burger & fries from the food truck at a concert at the Botanical Gardens.
That pretty much sums it up our trip - great food and fun!  Unfortunately, we went during a heatwave with record-breaking temperatures, so some of our plans changed.  I guess I'll just have to go back!
The rest of my vacation was a "stay-cation".  So, I still got to enjoy a trip away, but able to spend time locally which was perfect.

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  1. Loved this trip report, Chrissy!! Thanks for sharing all these pictures .... my tummy is grumbling after seeing all that delicious food! Glad you enjoyed such a fantastic getaway, and a nice "stay-cation" followed it too ;)


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