Friday, May 10, 2013

Garage Workbench

Hello all!  Today I'm sharing my garage workbench.  A few things to note: 1)  I did not build this myself .  2)  This was done a few years ago.   And 3) Please excuse my poorly photoshopped pictures.  I'm still experimenting with Photoshop - this was the best I could do, but the purpose was served!  ;)

Here is how my garage started out.  The previous owners had white cabinets installed on that wall and some great lighting all throughout the garage.  They also had some electrical outlets installed in that empty wall space below the cabinets and also inside some of the cabinets.  But, that empty space was prime real estate for a workbench!

I bought pegboard to fill the wall space below the cabinets.  Not only does it give it a cleaner look, but it's also great for storage.

As you can see in the pictures above, there was a lot of wiring going on at the right side of the empty space.  It's a Verizon box and although I don't use them,  I didn't want it completely covered in case I needed access to it at some point in the future - this way I wouldn't have to take part of the peg board down.  The picture below shows the cut-out for the box for easy access.

Here's the finished workbench and pegboard wall...

I'm still working on getting the garage organized - there's a lot to do, so I'm doing it all in small steps, but I've made some good progress.

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  1. That's look really good. Where did that bench came from? Now you have a room for your miter saw.


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