Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jute & Sisal Wrapped Vases

Just stopping in to share a quick little project I did over the weekend.  Using sisal and jute, I wrapped them and hot glued them around some glass vases and jar that I had.  I don't put flowers around the house very much, so I'm hoping this will encourage me to do so.

As for the jar on the left, it was a company gift that my employer gave to all of the employees with the company name etched in the glass.  This was a perfect way to hide that and still get use out of the jar - score!

Can't wait to start filling them up! 

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  1. Ohhh.. I love these too! So simple.. yet so pretty :)

    Im your newest follower too!

  2. These are very pretty! Also like the cork monogram, so neat! Thanks so much for voting for The Latest Find and my project. New follower, looking forward to more of your projects! =)


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