Saturday, December 17, 2011

My New Christmas Tree

Over the last two years, I had been borrowing my stepdad's artificial Christmas tree.  It was about 5 1/2 feet tall and had color lights .  The tree was fine, but I have vaulted ceilings in my house, limited space, and I prefer all clear lights.  I have been searching for a taller, skinnier tree at a discounted price, but hadn't found anything.   Before my vacation in mid-November, I had to pick up a couple of things for my trip and happened to find that the artificial Christmas trees were on sale at Target.  I found a 7 1/2 foot, skinny tree with clear lights on sale for $85 (I had yet to find one under $100) and it was a nice tree - score!  So, somehow I loaded that puppy up into the backseat of my Mustang convertible (took me awhile to maneuver it in).

I got the tree up a couple of weeks ago and finally got the ornaments on it.  I still have to make the new tree skirt, but at least I got the big part done.
I found a burlap garland at Joann (using a coupon of course) that I was going to use on another project, but since I found the new tree I decided it would be perfect on it.  I also included the new ornaments I made this year (as seen here) - they match the burlap perfectly!

Also, for the last couple of years, I have been collecting some Disney antenna toppers - I think they are so cute, but didn't want to put them on my car.   I decided to make them into Christmas ornaments.  I bought some screw eyes (#216 - 1/2) from Home Depot and just screwed them into the top of the antenna toppers and then threaded ribbon or embroidery thread through it so I can hang them - easy!  And how cute are they?

I also bought this Christmas ornament at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World a few years ago.  It's an actual ornament that I bought in a Christmas shop there.

Since I go to Disneyland a lot, I wanted a matching one from there, but never found one.   I finally found a key chain that is the exact same size.  I bought it as soon as I saw it and took the chain part off and threaded some embroidery floss through the top and this is how it came out.

I also included these ornaments that I love, whether it was ornaments my grandmother made a long time ago or that I've picked up along the way.
I got this in "England" at Epcot in Walt Disney World 3 years ago - love the Beatles!
This was a gift from last year:  a Harajuku Lovers by Gwen Stefanit ornament - love Gwen!
I bought this on my trip last month to St. Thomas.  I didn't like the bow on top, so I took it off and tied a piece of jute into a bow and glued it on.  I also love how the lights shine through the seashell - pretty!
So, now I just have to make my new tree skirt and I'll be all set.  I think I'm almost ready for Christmas (almost).

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  1. G'morning, Chrissy!! I've featured your awesome DIY ornaments on my blog today! :D ... Thanks for sharing, girl!! LOVE them! :) ... You're welcome to grab one of my "featured" buttons in the tab near the top of my blog if you'd like. ;)


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