Wednesday, July 15, 2020

DIY Medal Sign Display

I'm back with another project!  It's been a couple of months since my last post, but I haven't forgotten that I'm making an effort to post over here on the Blog more often.  I've actually been very busy with DIY & projects - just a little slow with getting back into the habit of writing and getting the posts back together.

Today, I'm sharing a project that is super easy, but one to also be very proud of!

If you've ever participated in these Run events, then you probably have some medals from them that you're very proud of.  Since last year, my friend & I have participated in some 5Ks at Universal Studios Hollywood & Virtual runDisney 5Ks.  I wanted a way to display the medals and came up with a simple way of showing them off.

* I used scrap wood that I already had on hand - 1"x7" cut to 15".  But, you can use whatever size you want!
* Next, I decided to stain it with Minwax's Dark Walnut.
* I decided to paint the word "run" on both signs. Painting is really not my thing, let alone freehand painting, so this was a learning curve for me. I'll have to practice more with that.
* Once I was done with stain & paint,  I sealed it with polyurethane to protect all of that work I just did.
* Before installing the cup hooks, I decided to install the 2" D rings on the back of the sign so that the board would lay flat and make it easier to install the D rings.
* Now that all of that was completed, it was time to figure out where to place each hook.  I decided how many hooks I wanted for it. Then, I had to figure out where the center of my sign was.  I also decided to make 2 rows and stagger the hooks so that the medals wouldn't clunk together.  I marked the center on the bottom row and then marked each spot about 2 inches apart.  For the top row, I did the same.
* Once I had all of my spots marked, I drilled a small hole. Using 1 1/4" cup hooks, I then screwed each hook into the holes. Drilling the holes first, helps for when you need to screw in the hooks by hand.
Now, we're all done!

You can really design this any way you'd like!  You can stain or paint the wood.  Paint your words/design or use vinyl.  Install more or less hooks.  Use a different type of hook that will accommodate the wider strap.  Install different hanging hardware.  It's really all up to you and what you'd prefer - the possibilities are endless!

I recently signed up for the runDisney Virtual 5K summer series - I'm so excited to add more medals to my sign.  And the fact that the medals are based on Disney attractions make it even better.  I guess I need to hop on my exercise bike soon!

If you end up making your own medal sign, let me know in the comments and/or let me know by posting a photo and tagging me on social media!

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