Monday, September 26, 2011


Just wanted to share these cute baskets I bought today.

I have been looking for a basket for my bicycle and found a decent one at Walmart.  I've noticed a lot of these baskets come with a special mechanism on them to hook it to the bike and I could never figure out if I needed to buy another piece or how in the heck those work.  But, this one I found today had simple little belts that looped from the basket to the handle bars, so it made it really easy to install it on the bike.  I would have preferred if the basket was a darker color, but this is fine.  I may spray paint it later, but that will be very low on my list.

(Please excuse my messy garage - reorganizing the garage is another project on my "to do" list)
I also have been looking for a basket to hang on my hook rack for my super-mini-mudroom - for mail or other items I want to remember to take with me.  It needed to be:  not too big, not too small, not too heavy, have a handle, and a flat back so it would sit flush to the wall.  I've learned that these are hard to find!  But, I did find one today at the Dollar Tree, so it was the perfect price and works for what I need it for.

It fits perfectly on there!  And here it is in action.

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